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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is a global semiconductor company that designs and develops computer processors, graphics cards, and other computer-related hardware. Founded in 1969, AMD has become a significant player in the tech industry, competing with industry giants like Intel and Nvidia. Here is a bibliography of some of the most important works on AMD and its history:

  1. Inside AMD: The Making of a Silicon Valley Giant” by Harley Lewin (2003). This book provides an inside look at the history of AMD and its rise to become one of the leading semiconductor companies in the world. The author, a former attorney for AMD, offers a unique perspective on the company’s growth and the challenges it faced along the way.
  2. The AMD K6-3D Processor: A Case Study in Engineering Leadership” by Donald M. White (1999). This technical report examines the development of the K6-3D processor, a key product in AMD’s history. The report provides insights into the engineering process and the leadership principles that guided the development of this successful product.
  3. The Silicon Eye: Microelectronics and the Transformation of the American Industry” by George Gilder (1989). While not solely focused on AMD, this book provides an in-depth look at the semiconductor industry and the role that AMD played in its development. The author explores the social and economic implications of microelectronics and its impact on American industry.
  4. The AMD Phenom X4 Processor: A Case Study in Design Innovation” by John Sampson (2011). This technical report provides an in-depth look at the design process behind the AMD Phenom X4 processor. The report includes insights from the engineering team and offers a detailed look at the technical specifications of this important product.
  5. The History of AMD: 1969-2019″ by AMD (2019). This online article provides a comprehensive overview of AMD’s history, from its founding in 1969 to the present day. The article includes a timeline of key events and milestones, as well as insights into the company’s philosophy and strategic vision.
  6. AMD vs. Intel: The Road Ahead” by Tim Smith (2019). This article, published in Forbes, provides an analysis of the competitive landscape between AMD and Intel, two of the leading players in the semiconductor industry. The author examines the strengths and weaknesses of each company and offers insights into the future of the industry.
  7. The Future of AMD: An Investor’s Perspective” by Chris Neiger (2021). This article, published on The Motley Fool website, provides an overview of AMD’s recent performance and the opportunities and challenges facing the company in the future. The author offers insights for investors who are considering investing in AMD stock.

These works provide a diverse range of perspectives on AMD’s history, products, and future prospects. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, an investor, or simply interested in the history of the semiconductor industry, these resources offer valuable insights into the world of AMD.

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